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Donate now to help us bring more poetry into the world!

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Fernwood Press promotes poetry collections that speak to the human capacity for spiritual experience. Every year, we aim to produce and promote twenty new collections, and we need your help. Many of these collections will never turn a profit. But they will change lives.

That's because poetry – a place where all the words work together – nudges us back to the center, reveals the depths of human experience, and uses magic to connect our hearts and brains to our souls (and to the world).

A not-for-profit literary imprint, Fernwood Press is named for a one-acre plot of land overlooking a meandering creek in what was an unincorporated area of Yamhill County on the easterly boundary of Newberg, Oregon, site of the state’s first Quaker meeting. Four prominent headstones mark the graves of the Brutscher and Everest families in this pioneer cemetery. It adjoins Friends Cemetery, the burial ground of the community of Quakers drawn to Newberg following the platting of the town by Jesse Edwards in 1883.

As the enclave of the overland pioneers, Fernwood represents both our roots as a Quaker press and our aim to provide a home to all poets whose collections uphold and perpetuate the Quaker pursuit of corporate mysticism. Gathered together in centered silence, we might hear and experience truth. And we will be changed.

Fernwood Press is an imprint of Barclay Press.